learn to drive with an automatic car driving instructor

automatic driving lessons doncaster

If you require automatic driving lessons in Doncaster we can help. Townmoor Driving School has approved automatic car instructors with years of experience in offering great value driving lessons and courses.

Taking automatic car tuition makes a great way to learn to drive especially for learners who have struggled with changing the gears of a manual car.

Why take automatic driver tuition

The main benefits with automatic driving lessons are that drivers don’t have to worry about changing the gears. This usually leads to more time to deal with other situations more effectively. In addition, on average less automatic lessons are needed to pass the driving test compared with manual car lessons.

We have range of automatic car driving courses throughout Doncaster. You can learn to drive with regular weekly lessons or take one of our quick pass intensive driving courses. We also offer additional driving courses such as pass plus, refresher, and motorway driving tuition.

taking an automatic car driving test

Taking the driving test in an automatic car is very simular to a manual car. The main difference is after you have passed the driving test in an automatic car you can’t drive a manual car. If you pass the driving test with manual car you will be able to drive both manual and automatic cars.

main benefits of automatic

  • No worries about changing gears with automatic driving lessons.
  • No stalling the car or rolling back on hills
  • More time to concentrate on the road and traffic with automatic driving lessons.
  • Save money and time. Less lessons usually required
  • Build driving skills, awareness and confidence more quickly.

contact an instructor today

For more information about learning with automatic driving lessons in Doncaster contact us today. We have specialist driving instructors who will be happy to answer any of your questions. Learn safe automatic car tuition with Townmoor Driving School.