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Take Pass Plus in the Doncaster area with Townmoor Driving School. Pass Plus is an excellent short course for drivers who have just recently passed the practical driving test. Sessions are taken with our registered and approved Pass Plus instructors and we offer the course with either manual or automatic car lessons.

Pass Plus can help new drivers by:

The aim of pass plus is to enhance the driving skill levels, awareness, confidence and safety of new qualified drivers. Pass Plus covers 6 essential driving modules which are :

why take pass plus

Inexperienced drivers are more at risk in being involved in a motoring accident compared with experienced drivers. This is usually reflected with high motoring insurance premiums for new drivers. By taking Pass Plus you can develop skills aimed to reduce accident risk. After successfully completing the course you will be awarded with Pass Plus certification which can entitle you to motoring insurance discounts.

motoring insurance discounts with pass plus

Pass Plus have partnered alongside various motoring insurance companies who recognise that extra driver training can reduce motoring accident risk. With this driving course you can save up to 30% off car insurance premiums or the equivalent of 1 years no-claims bonus.

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