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The main purpose of the driving test is to help to make sure that learner drivers can demonstrate good safe driving techniques, a good understanding of highway code rules of the road and the abilty to deal with all other road users in a safe & responsible manner. Driving tests are conducted by Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) Driving Examiners.

The practical car driving test in Doncaster lasts for about 40 minutes and has 3 main sections which are :

To pass the driving test candidates must avoid commiting :

eyesight check

At the start of the test you will need demonstrate suitable eyesight for driving. You will be asked to read a vehicle number plate from a distance of :

You may use glasses or contact lense to read the number plate if required, but you must continue to wear them throughout your driving test and whenever you drive in the future for safety.

vehicle safety questions

These are a set of basic car checks which drivers should perform on a regular basis. On the driving test learner drivers will be asked 2 safety questions.

driving section

On this main part of the driving test candidates will be given directions provided by the examiner. You will need to be able to demonstrate good safe driving techniques putting the highway code into practice. You will need to show your ability to drive in a wide range of roads and traffic situations as well as dealing with all other road users safely and appropriately.

You will also be asked to demonstrate your skills in reversing the car. The driving examiner will ask you to perform one of the following:

An independent driving section which last for around 10 minutes is also included in the driving section. The examiner will simply ask you to follow either:

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